Home Grown.

I went over to Robyn and Adam’s this past weekend to photograph their growing garden of fruits, vegetables and herbs. I honestly believe that the two of them are doing a beautiful thing by bringing fresh food back into the home and reviving an appreciation for where it comes from. While I was there their neighbours were busy harvesting and canning tomatoes in their own yard and I couldn’t ignore the bustle of family activity. They let me wander over and take some shots of the whole process from tomato boiling, skinning and eventual sauce making! It always amazes me how food has the power to bring people together whether it’s family or friends and in this case, even strangers! Thanks to everyone especially Robyn and Adam for some great photos!



Experimenting with my camera at the Toronto Zoo.

Wolfe Island.

A few of my favourite details from a magical day on Wolfe Island.

Tee Hee.

Anita during a weekend in Kingston.

Holy Mackerel!

First of all, please excuse the terrible pun in the title of this post but I really couldn’t help myself. I’m too excited for the news this blog entry has to announce! I’ve begun a collaborative project with my friend Corey who has just recently launched a new food blog where I will be a regular photography contributor. This new endeavor not only means delicious sampling of fantastic home cooking but also an opportunity to candidly shoot one of the things dearest to me in life, FOOD!

Last Thursday night we had another cooking adventure as Corey had picked up some wild, line caught mackerel. Without really knowing what to do with it he experimented with fresh oregano and citrus flavours and put together another delicious meal with the help of our friend Justine. Check out for all the mouth watering details!

Pretty things.

Cheryl and JP got married in the picturesque town of Stratford, Ontario on a very hot and sunny day! Beautiful bright colours, lots of green grass and a whimsical reception made it a very pretty wedding that took full advantage of the summer season.

Plaza de Torros, Madrid.

My favourite shot from Spain.